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Savanna Dream Safaris will always go the extra mile to make your expedition to Africa unforgettable.

Thank you Jerri for truly "the trip of a lifetime". Sheley and I have traveled extensively, sometimes doing the planning on our own and sometimes with "big name" adventure travel groups. Your personal attention to detail and your expertise to customize our trip and ensure that it was spectacular was unparalleled. You and your staff really care and it showed. Can't wait to start planning the next safari with you!
Howard Sheley Jonathan Goldstein May 2024
Howard, Sheley and Jonathan Goldstein
Traveled May 2024
Howard Sheley Jonathan Goldstein May 2024
Jerri - Where do we begin to thank you for organizing one of the most eventful, glorious, and educational journeys of our lives. The array of people, culture, and landscapes we were able to spend time with and get to know will forever bring smiles to us all. And the wildlife! Thank you, thank you for each and every meticulously planned day. Perhaps Namibia and/or Botswana is in our future. Kathi and I have already considered it! All the best, Len, Audrey, Luke & Theo, Kathryn, Quinn and Hannah
Len, Audrey, Luke, Theo, Kathryn, Quinn & Hannah
South Africa July 2023
Jerri, this was the most epic trip ever. The experience here changed our lives with huge impact on so many levels. We leave early tomorrow morning and want to thank you for crafting a daily discovery that our collective 6 senses had never before been exposed to. Last night at dinner, Dave and I recounted our collective memories of the trip. We both agreed that while we have been on some beautifully planned vacations, no trip will ever match the excitement, the wonder, the education, the introspection of life and it’s inequities and the introduction to the beautiful people of the Masai, Kenya and Rwanda. This has been an unforgettable trip where the memories will be a gift for the rest of our lives.
Nancy and Dave Smith
Kenya and Rwanda July 2023
Nancy and John Hall Kenya Safari
I cannot recommend Savanna Dream Safaris strongly enough! The trip curated for us through Kenya truly exceeded any and all expectations. The people, the camps, the wildlife, and the food were all out of this world! Jerri and Billy answered every question we had (and we had a LOT!!) and truly eliminated any worries we had about traveling to Africa.Each day of our adventure was filled to the absolute max. We still cannot get over all we saw… Lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, crown cranes, and on and on… At times it felt almost surreal!!! We learned so much about the culture and are thrilled that our eyes have been opened to Africa!We hope others can experience this joy, as it was truly a trip of a lifetime! I tell everyone I see how emotional it was, and that I hope to enjoy again and again... I will absolutely be using Savanna Dreams Safari to book my next adventure.
Nancy and John Hall Kenya Safari
Nancy and John Hall
Kenya 2023
The high expectations we had for our recent African Safari were clearly met or exceeded by our travel planners, Savanna Dream Safaris! Owners Jerri Hatch and Billy Dodson curated a truly memorable experience for our group of five adults. They successfully tracked our activity, pretty much daily, to ensure that our time in Kenya was the best it could be. The geographical areas and four camps where we stayed were carefully selected for their diversity and their fit to our expectation of quality, safety and comfort. From the moment we stepped off the plane and were greeted by their staff in Nairobi until we departed 15 days later we never had to doubt or contemplate our next move. At no time did our confidence in their planning come into question as each day unveiled new experiences and added genuine excitement to what was a truly memorable bucket list trip. Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly endorse Savanna Dream Safaris to plan your African safari adventure of a lifetime.
Ed and Jeannie Cave
Traveled Nov. 2022
I wanted to thank you both for your incredible work on our recent safari to Kenya. I have traveled the world for more than 30 years and this trip was the highlight of all my travels. The schedule, while non stop and packed with adventure, was seamless in its planning and flawless in execution. We had fourteen days of unending adventure……..to say we couldn’t have been more pleased is an understatement. Can’t wait for our next adventure with Savanna Dream Safaris and another African adventure! Y’all are the best!
Lee and Maureen Blair
Traveled Nov. 2022
There isn’t a rating high enough to express how happy we were with the trip Jerri created for us. EVERYTHING exceeded our expectations. Every detail was considered and planned for our comfort. We were greeted by knowledgeable guides/drivers for every transfer and every aspect of our trip was well planned. The animal viewing was spectacular, both on our daily drives and while sitting by the pool outside our tent. We saw the big five all on our first outing. We had regular visits at our camp from baboons, elephants, kudu, impalas, etc. Everything about our trip was 5+ stars and 0 stress. I would have expected a trip like this to come with a very high price tag yet it was amazingly affordable. I wish Jerri and her crew could plan all of my travel!
Heather Hudson and Hillary Mason
Traveled Oct. 2022
An adventure of a lifetime to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Cape Town. Celebrating my delayed 70th birthday with my two adult children. The experience was deeper and wider than we imagined. Add great service, food, accommodations, people, transfers—every detail was taken care of by Savanna Dream Safaris, including dinner reservations in Cape Town. We always knew we had someone to turn to every step of the way. We all agree this was an incredible, unforgettable adventure. The first time will always be the best, and we all want to return. Thank you to Jerri and vast knowledge and contacts for making it happen.
african safari elephant rwanda
Kitty Collins, Lauren and Spencer Williams
Traveled Oct. 2022
I wanted to thank Savanna Dream Safari Co-Founders Jerri Hatch and Billy Dodson for their incredible planning and follow up on our most recent Kenya Safari. It was truly a trip of a lifetime. As someone who has only traveled in North America, the amount of pre-planning and help before, during and after the trip was truly white glove treatment. The schedule visiting the four camps was well thought out and greatly exceeded my expectations. As the fourteen day trip unfolded it was one unbelievable adventure with so many incredible animals in their natural habitat. Everyday brought one breathtaking moment after another. The guides that we had in each camp were all very knowledgeable and great to be around. We were in good hands throughout our trip. Thank you for planning this wonderful trip and taking good care of us!
Brian Maloney
Traveled Oct. 2022
First off let me just say that I cannot recommend Jerri from Savanna Dream Safari’s enough! Jerri planned my summer trip to Kenya, it was my very first safari and first trip to Africa. I honestly never thought I’d be able to afford this type of Safari trip but Jerri really listened to my budget concerns and still put together a once in a lifetime type of trip. She was very responsive during the planning process and gave me options along the way. Every part of the trip was planned out perfectly & strategically. I never had to worry about figuring out where to eat or how to get somewhere. All her picks were spot on, from restaurants to the camps to the transportation. I will 100% be using her again and hope she even expands to planning trips in other areas of the world. 5 stars.
Sarah K.
Kenya, Nov. 2021
There is no way I’d ever go to Africa without seeking Jerri and Billy’s advice! You’d be hard pressed to find two people who, combined, love Africa more and know the ins and outs of traveling to see really amazing things. They make sure every detail is considered and will certainly make sure you have a memorable safari! ​
Julie F.​
Kenya, Nov. 2021
A photo safari to East Africa has been on my bucket list for a long time and I am so very happy that I chose to use Billy to help me experience it. Jimmy, our driver and guide, was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable; he also has the eyes of an eagle and was able to see animals and birds long before any of us would have noticed them. We were well looked after throughout our trip and I’m confident that it would not have been as good without the help of Billy and Jimmy. I highly recommend Savanna Dream Safaris and will definitely use them on my next adventure.
rwanda african safari tour
Drew M.
East Africa
My husband and I planned our dream safari with Billy in August 2018. We were thrilled with our trip, which included visits to Nairobi, Amboseli National Park, the Masai Mara and gorilla trekking in Rwanda. Every aspect of the trip was handled with our comfort, safety and enjoyment in mind. Our transportation was exceptional, our drivers and guides in Kenya and Rwanda were incredibly knowledgeable, able to find wildlife we never would have seen and doing everything possible to be sure we saw what we wanted to see! They were warm, friendly ambassadors of their countries. When we left each guide we felt as if we were leaving a family member behind. Our lodging choices were incredible in each location. Perhaps most importantly, we had amazing support from Ammos. Our trip involved moving around Kenya and traveling between countries in Africa. Our representative was there to meet us whenever we returned to Nairobi and he was always available by phone or text.
african safari travel company
Bob & Phyllis K.
Kenya & Rwanda

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